A tribute to all Doctors and companions but mostly Clara Oswald.

Whouffle is my heartsong.

Spoilers for recent episodes will exist here




*cries everywhere *

There is someonethat I always wanted to meet.


what you can say: "rose tyler is my favorite companion."

what you can’tdoinsult other companions/bring them down, strip down a character just to inflate your own; send hate to actors who play a character; make a petition to bring a character whose story is over back.

what you can say: "ten is my doctor."

what you can’t do: nitpick other doctor’s just to suit your point, insult an actor, etc. 

what you can say: "moffat is problematic writer."

what you can’t do: make a petition to kick him out of his position or any other bullshit you all have come up with.

treat all actors and characters with respect, and dont be a tosser

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in Doctor Who: Earth Conquest


and I don’t suppose it ever will.